Breast Buddies - Pink Ribbon Necklace

SKU: BBN - 04

Created to celebrate our association with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), this necklace is designed to help create awareness for this great cause. Features the pink ribbon on one of the beads.

A Nursing Necklace...
• Gives baby something to hold other than your hair or skin.
• Will help to reduce baby scratching mum.
• Keeps babies’ attention focused on the breast area.
• Dissuades baby from pulling away at distractions, resulting in longer more filling feeds.
• Acts as a soothing and familiar object, thus aiding transition from breast to bottle.
• Aids tactile and visual stimulation, thus promoting cognitive development.
• Improves hand to eye coordination and tracking.
• Aids development of depth perception.
• Develops colour and shape recognition.
• Can also be used as a learning tool, introduce a wealth of shapes, colours and textures to your baby.

Safety Features
• Super strong. Tested breaking strength 100lbs (45kg).
• Fitted with plastic safety breakaway clasp which will open
under excessive pressure.
• Made from plastic non-toxic beads.
• Tested to BS EN 71-3 1995.
• Necklace is 100% waterproof, can be washed and sterilised.
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Breast Buddies - Pink Ribbon Necklace
Breast Buddies - Pink Ribbon Necklace
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