Baby Owners Manual

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A humorous operating guide for fathers,
Baby Ownerís Manual is sure to bring a smile to any dadís face. Written by a man for men, this book likens a new baby to the other love in a manís life: no, not his wife, his car!

This essential handbook covers everything from delivery of baby from Mother Nature Heavy Industries, regular servicing of your baby, standard equipment, the cooling system and liquid waste disposal, warning signs, even optimising economy and getting the most out of your baby. This is a must-have book for any father-to-be.

Perfect gift book for fathers and fathers-to-be

Packaged as a retro 1950s/60s car manual, with images to match text humour

Humorous, laugh-out-loud writing

ISBN: 9781921878428

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Baby Owners Manual
Baby Owners Manual
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