Qubies - Blue

Brand: Qubies

With design, function and quality at the top of our list Qubies is the easiest way to store and freeze just about anything from breastmilk to pureed food to all manner of left overs, lemon juice, fancy ice cubes with fruit in them or just plain ice!

BPA FREE, Phthalate Free, PVC Free and winner of Telstra Business Women Award 2010 in Victoria!

What makes Qubies different?

Their cleverly moulded the dividers on the soft silicon lid! This means...

  • Cubes are released first time, every time!
  • Take one cube and leave the rest or pop into a freezer bag and have your Qubie ready to reuse
  • Simply pour the food into the base rather than spoon into individual compartments

Qubies comes with a lid which creates a super tight seal. This means...

  • No more freezer burn or food smells in your cubes
  • Food/liquid won’t spill or leak if tipped
  • Store Qubies on its side if space is tight in the freezer

Qubies has a max fill line. This ensures...

  • You never overfill
  • You create a perfect 30ml cube

Qubies are stackable – stack them together or apart depending on your freezer space

Qubies can be used to freeze just about anything you need in 30ml portions

Qubies are made to last. Start with your baby and they will still be there ready to use years later

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Qubies - Blue
Qubies - Blue
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