Made By Me - Children's Reward Pad


This lovely new reward pads are a fantastic way to improve your child's behaviour and to help them focus on achieving their goals.

Main features:

  • 30 weekly reward charts with three different themes - Jungle, Pet and Farmyard
  • 300 reward stickers
  • Each child gets a whole chart to themselves which means there's plenty of space for stickers as well as their goals for the week
  • Our charts allows you to give each child a chart of their own to fill up with stickers from school or pre-school as well as the ones included with the pad

Reward charts and stickers are a great way to encourage and motivate good behaviour. Giving your child positive attention and praise are by far the most effective ways to reward a well-behaved or good-mannered child. Sue Atkins,

There's even a handy pocket at the back of the pad for sticker storage and a hole to hang the charts up.
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Made By Me - Children's Reward Pad
Made By Me - Children's Reward Pad
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