Help Your Child Excel at Reading


“I can’t read this, I’m hopeless.” Michael aged 7 years
Should you start to teach your child to read before they start school?
Is it over zealous parenting or does it give your child a head start?

According to author, teacher and literacy specialist Katherine Bates, it is a great idea to start teaching your children to read before they go to school.

“If your children are showing signs of readiness, then why not give them a head start?” says Katherine. “I want to give children the best opportunity to learn to read successfully and confidently and if they can start school with understanding the basics, then it may give them that extra confidence to use their skills and excel.”

Katherine’s current role as a Senior Education Officer for the New South Wales Education Department keeps her at the cutting edge of leading Literacy and Numeracy teaching and assessment approaches.
In her new book Help Your Child to Excel at Reading to be released during National Literacy and Numeracy Week, Katherine gives practical tips and advice for parents with children from 4 to 14 years. Written by a teacher especially for parents, this book gives information about the latest methods for teaching literacy and links reading and writing strategies.

If children experience difficulties reading, it is important to intervene at an early stage, as studies show that unattended early difficulties and low skills can affect subsequent achievement in school and the social and emotional aspects of their lives.

“Supporting your child to read is more than just buying a library of books and forcing them to read aloud every night… It is about giving them the skills they need to read for meaning and making reading an enjoyable integrated part of their lives,” says Katherine.

Katherine suggests, “keep it short, keep it simple and keep it fun.”

This can involve:
• Reading with them everywhere – at home, shops, road signs, advertisements, bumper stickers and even at supermarkets.
• Writing thank you cards or shopping lists together.
• Getting them to look up a movie on the computer and read the dates, times and brief on the film.
• Using interactive books in the early stages (ones they can flip, fold and feel). Later, keep discovering what they are interested in and find their favourite topics to encourage them to read throughout their school years.

Katherine Bates regularly present training workshops for parents and has done so since she began teaching because parents’ support is a critical factor to their children’s levels of success.

Help Your Child to Excel at Reading is full of tips and practical advice which not only gets children to love reading but helps them to achieve their full potential.

ISBN: 978-1-921295-13-3 240 pages, soft cover.

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Help Your Child Excel at Reading
Help Your Child Excel at Reading
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