You Shut Up! - Eva-Maria


You Shut Up!

Re-defining Teenager



Written by a 21st century teenager, You Shut Up! explores the twisted teenage mind, giving parents an insider’s view into the world of today’s teenagers. The guessing game of what teenagers really think is over - this book will give you valuable never-before-published information to help you build a better relationship with your teen!


Still a progressing teenager, Eva-Maria gives the reader an insight of what it’s like to be a teenager in this day and age. After she started at Athena Montessori College when she was 13, Eva-Maria was offered the opportunity to become a teen mentor. Blessed with the gift of patience and understanding both sides to any story, she’s been actively involved in practice of the art of mentoring and coaching teenagers in everyday situations and circumstances for 2-5 hours almost every day for the last 5 years. Now 17, she’s keen on sharing her first hand knowledge to improve parents’ understanding of their teenagers.


“Seeing the dramatic changes that happen to teenagers [and those around them] from a few hours of coaching or mentoring is just so amazing! This has triggered my mission to help millions of parent-teenager relationships throughout the globe”, says Eva-Maria.


With the help of this book be one of the first to get ahead, and find out how to handle your teenager to both your and their advantage!



Eva-Maria’s goal is to improve one million parent-teenage relationships throughout the world. This book is only the first step!

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ISBN 978-0-473-13122-7
212 p, pb, over 60 original illustrations
Price: $39.95
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You Shut Up! - Eva-Maria
You Shut Up! - Eva-Maria
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