Xmas Tin

SKU: IHR Tin Xmas
Who has memories of the 'tin' at Grandma's that's filled with treats especially at Xmas time? I am sure I do buried in my brain of my own grandmother but being so small when we left England it isn't something that is clear.
The memory that is, is the one of my husbands mother and her treat tin on the buffet. The one that had a packet of water bombs in it in summer or a block of chocolate at the end of term or some little treat for her wnuki (grandkids) to explore and play with while the grownups collapsed in a Polish food coma after a family lunch.
Whether you keep your Xmas craft, your cake or treats in this tin is up to you! A great tin, deep enough to house an iced cake, big enough to store treasures, beautiful enough to give as a gift.
Price: $14.95
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Xmas Tin
Xmas Tin
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