Book - When stuff is


Do you forget your best friends kids birthday? What year were they born in again, was it 2006 or 2005? Your brother and sister in law's wedding anniversary, is that the 11th or 15th of November?

Sometimes it all gets too hard and if you don't write it on this years calendar it won't get remembered and you'll be struck off the Christmas card list! A perpetual calendar works for some people and others work best with a note book, this is for those people.

Do you buy cards for people and put them in that safe place only to not find that safe place when you need the card?

A month by month reminder with more than enough slots to write who, when and what so you will never forget again. You can plan a year ahead if you want and slot specific cards in the month they need to be used in. Genius! Simple but genius!
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Book - When stuff is
Book - When stuff is
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