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As a website, the store is open 24/7. So you can shop when you want to, wearing what you want to without worrying about parking meters expiring. It doesn't mean I am available 24/7, there are boundaries!

Let's say 'normal business hours' - after 8.30am and before 6pm and that's when I would like to be called please, not 8pm on a Sunday evening, send me an email instead! During term time I do school  pick up at 3pm. I will not answer my phone at these times - A) I can't hear myself think and B) I need to keep an eye on my child as we approach or cross the road.

As most families, we have different hats we wear at different times of the day and the year. I also juggle other jobs, some paid, some voluntary. It may not be possible for me to talk to you at the exact instant you call me, please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I can. It isn't that I don't want your business, it is that I am in a situation where I can't talk. I could be in a lecture, a meeting, being a parent helper, answering another phone, driving, in an appointment or picking my daughter up from school, there are any number of possibilities! As a parent you would know this.

Emails are wonderful way of communicating, I am usually lurking on the computer till quite late at night so send your emails through and I will more than likely respond within an hour of receiving it.

Sunday's... Please respect that Sunday is Sunday and I am only available to my family on a Sunday.
Sunday is the one day we spend as a family. An email will more than likely be answered in the evening once madam is in bed but the phone will go to voice mail. Thanks for respecting and understanding.

The page you requested either is no longer available or access to it has been restricted.


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