Putting FUN back into fundraising!

draising is something most schools, clubs, day care centres etc... have each year. It is one of those behind the scenes things that can have very negative connotations surrounding it. Belles Familles would like to help you turn it into a minimal effort, positive experience for your families and is happy to help your day care, pre-school, kindy, club or school fundraise. This can be done in a number of ways.

Specific product/s - choose a product/s & receive a percentage of the sales.
Sales donations -10% of all sales* from purchases from school families in an agreed time period.

If you are interested in any of these as fundraising for your organisation please contact me via email or by phone. sarah@bellesfamilles.com.au or 02 9975 4414. I would be happy to speak to the principal or person in charge if this is easier for you. Please include the schools name, the name of the person I need to speak to, their position, the phone number and the most convenient time of the day to call in your email.

*excludes freight charges.

Product specific fundraising -
Using your choice of product/s from the Belles Familles range, an order form is provided and tailored with your school name, product, return date etc for you to take orders. There is no minimum order and your organisation will receive a percentage from all your sales.

The choice of product is completely up to you, you might choose wraps for a day care centre with a baby room, Kiddie Food Kutters for kindy aged children, ECOtanka's for primary school/4WD clubs, Paper Eskimo party products or even safety products, rosary beads, diaries or calendars**...

Return the final order 3 weeks after the start of your campaign with the number of item/s required and specific colours/sizes etc and your organisation will be provided with an invoice. Goods will be delivered upon receipt of payment.

** Diary and Calendar fundraisers need to be organised at the end of term 3/beginning of term 4 for maximum benefit.

'Do Nothing Program!' (Sales Donations) - this is probably the easiest and least effort for your fundraising committee! Register your organisation with me via email including;

  • Business Name
  • Street address including suburb and post code
  • Phone number
  • ABN
  • Office contact person
  • Fundraising contact person name and contact details
  • Size of organisation (i.e.: number of families)

For each order placed during an agreed period where the buyer lets me know the school/organisation name, 10% of that sale will go towards your fundraising.

All your organisation needs to do is agree to promote Belles Familles in your newsletter and provide each family with a business card and flyer. At the end of the period your organisation will receive a report with the number of families who registered with me from your organisation, the sales total and a cheque for the donation.

Delivery times - in most instances one week from receipt of payment. Local school bulk fundraising orders will be delivered at no charge, out of area will be posted. Freight or postage on large or bulky orders to areas other than Sydney Metro can be discussed before campaign gets underway.

Credit Card Payments - if your school/club/centre does not have credit card processing facilities, Belles Familles can process these for you. A 50c processing fee will apply per credit card that is processed by Belles Familles.

If you are interested in any of these as fundraising for your organisation please contact me via email. sarah@bellesfamilles.com.au or 02 9975 4414

A personal note - I was on the fundraising committee for our daughters pre-school and I know what a bind and a hard task fundraising is. You want to get money for the school but hate asking families for it and there are only so many ways of asking for the same thing. I have lots of other ideas I can share with you too as I have done lots of research for all manner of avenues. I can tell you first hand, a practical product or a family fun day out usually has a greater appeal than the normal 'chocolate dri

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