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The Belles Familles original concept was developed between a friend, Lisa and I. We launched the website mid 2006. Due to Lisa’s other commitments Lisa stepped away from the business and I became the sole trader of Belles Familles in September 2006.
Suffering from PND we found the business was the one place my mind kept away from the demons that were trying to creep in and take over. The ultimate retail therapy if you like! Whilst I can't credit the business for 'curing' me (is there a cure as such???), the combination of an amazing and supportive husband and many friends, a fantastic counsellor and the business we are well on the road to recovery. There have been many hurdles along the way but on the whole life is pretty much back to normal.

Belles Familles is French and loosely translates to “Beautiful Families”, and from my little family to yours, I hope you enjoy your time looking through my store.

Sarah (and my beautiful family, husband Stefan and daughter Amelia)

What makes my ‘store’ different?

Let's start by saying there is nothing I sell that I haven't used or wouldn't use in my own family. You can't get a better recommendation than that!
When a baby is born, there are so many things that are needed, and it’s hard for well intentioned friends and family to know where to start, what you need or what to buy. No matter how prepared you are a lot of “good-ideas-at-the-time” end up just collecting dust. I only stock products that I use, have used and love or have had highly recommended by other mum’s.
The other difference I am proud to offer is my ‘meet @the mall’ option for receiving your orders. I am not a faceless kids website and I love meeting my customers. As you will experience, when your baby is little you get out of the house a lot and do lots of activities and visit play grounds and other places, I know we did. Then the routine of starting pre-school or returning to work creeps in and your availability is less. Next step is 'Big School' and all of a sudden you have a lot more day to do a lot more in! This is where we are at at the moment, Big School... At last I have some clear hours to catch up on all those unfinished projects and things that have been neglected over the past 9 years! Including updating the website...

Meet @ the Mall will change from January 2015
We have relocated to Hobart, Tasmania and this includes the business being relocated. Meeting up will be possible once we have settled into our new suburb and I get the lay of the land. Most likely at Shoreline in Howrah or even Eastlands, or Bellerive village. Once I work things out I will update this section of the website.

Belles Familles thrives on customers. If you have any feedback, suggestions or comments, please sent me an email. contact me via the website contact form.

Legal bits...


ABN: 98 968 194 902

Postal Address

PO Box 164, Moonah TAS 7009


TBA: Call my mobile in the interim 0404068174

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