All About The TREE HOUSE..

All About The TREE HOUSE..
I am closing down (after 10 years of trading) I don't have any, nor will I get more, tree houses left.  TO PURCHASE A TREE HOUSE please contact Cecile or Isabelle on (03) 9686 3132 during business hours as they can help you with your purchase.

The Tree house is still available for purchase at full price. Postage is not included in the postage price. Please send an email to and INCLUDE your post code for a quote on product + postage.

A question I get asked a lot is what age this is suitable for... The box says from 3+ and that is largely because of the size of the pieces. The chain on the swing wouldn't hold up to the tugging play of a toddler I don't think, it is a bit delicate and the tossing and throwing that is also associated with that age group may also see the tree damaged. The opening and closing is a deliberate action rather than the bash or thump action of a toddler. Our daughter has had one since she was about 4 and plays with it well (she is now 6). There is the imagination that needs to come into play as it is an interactive toy not one that tells the kids what to do or how to play with it.

I have had customers purchase them for their one year olds (boys and girls) as a room decoration and strictly supervised play with mummy or daddy and had people purchase for children as old as 8 or 9 as well as psychologists and psychiatrists for their practices as it is good for role play reenactment. I wouldn't leave a smaller than 3 year old alone with it.

It isn't a dolls house it is a tree house and is suitable for a boy or a girl.

I have also had grandparents of many different aged children purchase it as a communal gift to stay at Grandma's house, it spreads the cost of the gift across the children, lengthens the enjoyment of the toy and also gives the kids something to look forward to playing with at Grandma's! Of course this only works if parents are in the same vicinity as you of course!

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Santa Sack Large

Santa Sack Large

Price $5.95

The Magic Klorofil Tree House by Vulli

The Magic Klorofil Tree House by Vulli

Price $180.00

Tree House Individual Family Members

Tree House Individual Family Members

Price $5.00

List Price: $7.00

You Save: $2.00 (29%)



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